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My Real Estate practice focuses on the TWO MOST IMPORTANT aspects of any real estate transaction.

# 1: Establishing the real value of a home is the most important factor in real estate, in my opinion. Whether you are buying or selling, having the knowledge of what the real market value is of any home is critical. Having minored in statistics, crunching numbers for my clients is something I enjoy, and have skills that many agents do not. Knowledge is power, and in real estate, it is critical.

# 2: Negotiate to get you the best price. Once we have the real market value, the next most important factor is negotiating to get you THE BEST PRICE AND TERMS. Prior to starting my real estate practice, I worked in executive positions for major consumer product companies and negotiated with the largest, and most aggressive negotiating teams at retailers like CVS and Wal Mart. I put these same skills, honed with professional, hard driving decision makers, to work for all my clients. The result is usually that I can save my clients tens of thousands of dollars on most homes.

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address19 Valley Forge Way
Foxboro, MA 02035
state license #MA Broker 9061381

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